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Why You should hire Movers for Apartment moves

Cost & Time Effective

Moving from an apartment alone can prove to be more challenging than you think. You need adequate tools, people to assist you with the heavy lifting, and also a truck to transport your belongings. Doing everything on your own requires time that most people don’t have. By investing in a moving service you can sit back and relax, while we do all the work for you.

health Safety & Avoid Injuries

Another reason to consider hiring professionals for apartment moves is safety. Moving large items and heavy boxes can put stress on your body, which can lead to serious injuries. Our movers are in top shape and have the expertise and gear to handle the most challenging moves, including moving to or from a building without an elevator.

Stress-Free Experience

Did you know you can move from your apartment without having to worry about anything regarding the moving process? If you hire a moving company, you can have a piece of mind knowing that your belongings are in the safest hands. There’s no need to stress about organization or planning. Your transition to a new flat can be smooth and care-free.

MOVING distance

In-town condo move

If you’re moving from an apartment to another location in town, or within the 50-mile area from your original address, we can offer efficient and swift local relocation.

Easy cross-country relocation

Nothing’s out of reach for our team. If you’re looking to relocate to another place in Texas or need a state-to-state move, we’re here to oblige. With our top-of-the-line equipment and trucks, you don’t need to stress about the safety of your possessions even on long-haul moves.


service type

Moving apartments of all sizes

Do you live on the first or last floor? Is your apartment big, or small? Don’t worry, we can assist you with all apartment moves regardless of the location of the apartment, difficulty of the move, or the size of your inventory. So far we’ve moved number of clients from small studios, one or two bedroom apartments, and even larger condos. Relax, while our movers do all the hard work for you.

We’ll take special care in ensuring the safety of all your belongings throughout the move. Our crew will box and carefully wrap all the delicate and fragile items, like dishes and electronics. Additionally, we’ll put padding on larger and bulkier items like freezers, beds, or wardrobes, and cover floors, walls, or corners that are on the removal route.

Small and Large Apartments
Studio Apartment
1-Bedroom Apartment
2-Bedroom Apartment
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Dependable movers for condo moves


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Team Members

The number of satisfied clients and our years of experience say the most about the quality of the service that we offer. With our full-moving service your transition will be smooth and efficient, whether you’re moving from a studio or a three bedroom apartment. We offer affordable rates, with full price transparency, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs! Call us and schedule your apartment move today!

Affordable rates without hidden fees

Same-day moving services 7 days a week

Top-rated moving company in North Texas

Fully licensed & insured moving company

Full moving service (packing & assembly)

full-moving services

All-in-one flat moving service

You might be interested in knowing what’s included in our all-in-one flat moving service. The short answer is – everything! We’ll pack your items, disconnect your appliances, disassemble large furniture, and safely transport everything to your new home.

When you arrive at your new location, you’ll find everything is unpacked, plugged in, connected, assembled, and ready for you! If you’re still figuring out what to do with some items, we offer short and long-term storage options.

Assembly / Disassembly Of Your Furniture
Uninstallation / Installation Of Your Appliance
Packing / Unpacking Of Your Belongings
Loading / Unloading In Truck & Pod
Transportation With Truck
Short & Long-Term Storage Solutions

moving pricing

Easy condo move at a great price

professional movers

On top of a great quality service, we offer quite affordable prices for apartment moves. If you’re moving from a studio locally, please keep in mind that we have a 2-hour minimum policy. You can let us know more about the size of your condo and the type of move you need by filling in our FREE survey. We’ll then assess the time and number of movers needed and inform you about the price for your move!

2h hours minimum
$89 one-time travel fee
$119/hr for 2 movers
$169/hr for 3 movers
$219/hr for 4 movers
$70 for every additional mover
10% discount for veterans or seniors


What might interest you about condo moves

What’s the price of condo moves in Texas?

There isn’t a fixed price for a condo move. There are plenty of things to consider when calculating the price of the move. For example, moving locally will cost much less than moving across the state. Another thing that plays a huge role is the size of your apartment and the total amount of your belongings. The bigger and more challenging the job is, the hire the cost will be.

How much should I tip movers for a apartment move in Garland?

On average, people tend to tip between 10 to 20 percent of the total price of the move. Of course, it’s up to you to decide the exact amount based on your predetermined budget and your satisfaction with the overall service.

Is disassembly included in the price for the apartment move?

No, we don’t. Disassembly is included in our full moving service. Also, you don’t have to worry about reassembling it on your own. Our movers will return everything in its original condition after the move.

Do you charge extra for every flight of stairs for apartments that are on higher floors?

We won’t charge you extra for carrying items up or down flights of stairs. Most large and heavy items can’t even fit or be safely transported in most elevators. However, the cost of your move might be higher if you’re located on higher floors because it’ll take more time, or more movers to complete the job.

Does your company have all the licensing and insurance coverage?

Yes, we do. We’re fully insured and licensed. We can handle all types of cross-state moves and we guarantee that all your belongings will be covered fully by our insurance during the move.

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We Service North Texas Cities 7 Days A Week

QualityPro Moving is your best choice for moving companies in Garland, Dallas, Fort Worth, the Frisco area, and its surrounding North Texas cities. Do you need same-day moving services or full-service moving, or do you have a business you need to move to? Our trusted Moving professionals are not only insured but also experienced in providing top-of-the-moving services. We service all North Texas cities like Garland, Dallas, Frisco, Fort Worth, McKinney, Plano, Arlington, and all of the surrounding towns in North Texas.

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We Will Care For Your Belongings Like We Would Our Own

Customer-focused service

Our primary goal is to ensure our client’s moving needs are fully met. We’ll go the extra mile to provide an exceptional service our customers can rely on and want to keep coming back to! We’ve got more than 10 years of experience and a line of satisfied customers to back our claim!

Fast and efficient moving services

Time is one of the crucial factors why people opt for hiring movers. With us, there’s no risk of a move dragging out forever, and you don’t have to struggle with finding time to organize everything. That’s why we’ll make sure your move is executed efficiently without any delays.

Competitive MOVING pricing

Considering that with our full-service there aren’t any additional expenses and that the whole moving process is handled entirely by us, the price is more than affordable. You are getting all the equipment, packing tools, trucks and the well trained and experienced team with it!

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10+ Years Of Experience In Moving Industry

Beginning with one crew and a box truck providing delivery services, QualityPro Moving started getting recognized, and it is now expanding in the north Texas area with multiple crews. Our primary focus has always been providing exceptional service and ensuring that every one of our customers receives the same outstanding professional moving services. We know moving can be pretty hectic sometimes; that is why at QualityPro Moving, it is our duty to take the weight off your shoulders and make your move as stress-free as can be. QualityPro Moving continues to grow across north Texas, providing moving services, delivery, or any other moving-related service. Whether you need residential or commercial moving services, we are here to make your move one-of-a-kind. QualityPro Moving - Quality work, trusted professionals. Feel free to give us a call for a free quote at (469)-520-2703.

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